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Onion Search Engine is privacy and anonymous search engine. We don't trace our users. We want it to stay secure and become even better. A donation will allow us to hire developers, pay for infrastructure, and continue to improve.

Onion Search Engine is funded by users like you! If you like Onion Search Engine, please consider making a donation. The best way for you to ensure Onion Search Engine remains available is to make a donation.

Why we need donations

Onion Search Engine was created by a group of developers to provide users with privacy and anonymous search in internet. Fortunately there is an active community keeping it running and developing it further. But to survive long term, the project needs funding.

Onion Search Engine funding goes toward the significant infrastructure and staff that must be maintained to deliver the application to our increasing number of users. For Onion Search Engine to survive and continue to evolve, we need your support and ask for your donation today. All the money donated will go directly to funding Onion Search Engine development and infrastructure.

Thank you for your support that helps Onion Search Engine to proceed the improvement and development the project! For contact us: [email protected]