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 Facebook down? Current problems and status. | Downdetector / https://downdetector.com › status › facebook Facebook down? Current problems and status. | Downdetector / https://downdetector.com › status › facebook
Facebook down? Current problems and status. | Downdetector Problems Pro Services About us Argentina Australia België Brasil Canada Chile Colombia Danmark Deutschland Ecuador España France Hong Kong Hrvatska India Indonesia Ireland Italia Magyarország Malaysia México Nederland New Zealand Norge Pakistan Perú Pilipinas Polska Portugal România Schweiz Singapore Slovensko South Africa Suomi Sverige Türkiye UAE UK United States Österreich Česko Ελλάς Россия 日本 US Facebook Facebook Facebook is a social network where member share messages and status updates with online friends. The network also offers a platform for third party developers. No problems at Facebook Facebook problems last 24 hours I have a problem with Facebook What isn't working? × Log in Newsfeed Pictures Apps Total blackout Something else... Submit Close Live Outage Map Most reported problems  47% Newsfeed  27% Total blackout  25% Log in Resolved issues 23 October: Problems at Facebook 22 October: Problems at Facebook 21 October: Problems at Facebook Check past issues Stay up to date Be the first to know the next time Facebook goes down. Facebook comments Tips? Frustrations? Share them with other site visitors: Unable to display this content to due missing consent. By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. Consent Facebook reports @antiquestwins Anyone else having problems with @facebook post scheduling tools today? We've scheduled a bunch of posts at work for next week, but they're showing up in our public feed already. 2019-10-24 08:52:16 @onlyrealhartley @RubinReport Tech giants should be broken up, including Facebook. 2019-10-24 08:38:39 @A_Schillhaneck Facebook has issues. Surprise. #CptObvious 2019-10-24 08:36:42 @MishoMoney @CNBC Facebook is only the symptom of a larger problem 2019-10-24 08:28:21 @danjdob @WileyOverdosed @alexisgoldstein @RepKatiePorter @AOC She's an imbicile... she's essentially asking for Facebook to censor political speech that she personally does not like. Facebook is not obligated to do her political bidding for her...if she doesn't like an ad...then she can rebut it.... that's how it's supposed to work. 2019-10-24 08:25:18 @themarkojenx Facebook, like the Internet, is the working class’ utility (worker class: people that pay their January income tax 15 months early). It allows us to network to number advantages thru Economies of scale in our relationships. But, that doesn’t mean Facebook owns us or our Data @FT 2019-10-24 08:05:50 @Jonalist @CNBC Fellow's I do not see anything of value in Libra I and Libra II once things begin to upgrade, it will never reach regular consumers that have no Internet or Facebook interest. 2019-10-24 07:57:59 @b3agz @aimaz @AmethystMimosa @MissMartianMe @LearnerPerp @Nek25P @Public_Citizen @AOC @facebook But like I say, I don't know who else the fact checkers use. If they're all right wing then yes, there's a problem. 2019-10-24 07:54:27 @fredericmarx Amazing mental gymnastics from Zuckerberg trying to justify Facebook’s systematic support of right wing politics as a coherent policy framework. 2019-10-24 07:48:12 @RitaIdehai Facebook was created to connect people. The platform isn't the problem. It's the people whom have decided to spread lies through this platform Light ? is the solution to darkness, not locking the building Countering fake news is everyone's responsibility, it affects us all. 2019-10-24 07:45:57 @webfield @taavikalvi @SimoAhava @googleanalytics Right, this might be definitely relevant for click-fraud issues in paid Google Display campaigns as well. Among others, I often detect suspicious ad traffic by short-session analysis from a100 row, facebook ireland, and hetzner service providers in Google Analytics data ... 2019-10-24 07:44:07 @katrinegalang1 @EdrisMaute Facebook is my venue for voicing out political and environmental issues. But yes, sana maingay din tayo sa ganitong bagay. 2019-10-24 07:41:07 @AJGbaz Facebook is free for those that have access to an internet connection. No cost of entry of any form. And it's certainly not Mark Zuckerberg's fault. Mtcheeeeew. 2019-10-24 07:37:34 @mynamegibby @HdavisHunter @Lothdashaus @BlueMarvel3 @TakeOnWallSt @AyannaPressley @FSCDems @RepMaxineWaters @TaxJusticeAfric @latindadd @LawyersofAfrica @AsianPeoplesMvt @facebook @civilrightsorg @ColorOfChange @BradSherman @LacyClayMO1 @natfairhouse @ACREcampaigns @RepAlGreen @RepAOC @AOC @RepChuyGarcia @RepPressley Corporate greed by life insurance and pharmaceutical companies is killing and putting hundreds of thousands of Americans into bankruptcy. ACA was a weak attempt at fixing this (serious issue) 2019-10-24 07:36:01 @b3wr_ @MicrosoftEdge I mean, I guess I should thank you for this issue as it keeps me from getting distracted, but for some reason Edge is having a problem with loading facebook. It keeps crashing and fails to load the page fully. 2019-10-24 07:31:32 @RyanBlazik55 @ESPNFANSUPPORT My password & login info is not working. I was using Facebook to login which is no longer an option. 2019-10-24 07:17:46 @DoctorJonPaul Whew, this is how you call folks to TASK. @facebook: just an FYI that if you need some help in fixing some of your diversity issues, my contact info is in my bio. ??‍♂️ 2019-10-24 07:13:32 @_Sound_Around_ Zuckerberg faced hours of questioning on Capitol Hill Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified Wednesday in front of the House Financial Services Committee about the company's planned cryptocurrency, Libra. He also faced questions on a range of controversial issues… 2019-10-24 07:09:32 @BByTheBeach @BrookeOnAir @AOC Time and time again Facebook has promised changes to policies....such as security issues, protecting user information and failed to deliver....why should we accept anything different? 2019-10-24 06:43:58 @Raaz041992 @avinashasks @MangilalSoni8 Not only in twitter @facebook also many propagandist are working to suppress genuine voice, peddle fake, twisted news blocking fake profiles are considered anonymous. They might be getting funds from PR companies of islamic states 2019-10-24 06:40:54 @StapleTye Follow the Conservative councilors for #StapleTye on Facebook. Be kept updated about local issues and how Cllr Clive Souter and me are working to make Staple Tye a better place to live. Contact us with any issues: DM me or email on any of our council emails. 2019-10-24 06:35:04 @edwardloon280 @Celcom Macam area kL sampai area gombak pun ada masalah. Instagram x load, Facebook x load, safari x load, Twitter pun some images not coming out. Is there a problem with the line? 2019-10-24 06:14:14 @Pathtonetzero Quit using Facebook. Punish anyone who hides behind the First Amendment to spread lies for money. It’s fine to refuse to patronize them. They’re repugnant. 2019-10-24 06:12:26 @iRadioTube @RottenRepublica @SouthBoundRise #Facebook issues sovereign currency. Yeah right. 2019-10-24 06:11:06 @NYCNavid AOC seems uninterested in having a real discussion but fishing for a gotcha moment. Zuck is totally unprepared to explain why it would be unduly burdensome for Facebook to determine, in a timely manner, whether a political ad encompasses a debatable opinion or a false fact. 2019-10-24 05:27:08 @scott4pendleton @srecobo The platform or the company, Facebook is the primary problem in my humble opinion! But you are right, the gullible users are where the seeds of disinformation are planted and then the go out and help destroy the country by supporting a liar and a traitor! 2019-10-24 05:15:13 @OkayFor1 @peaceseller @ewarren @AOC Not saying that trusting Facebook to be an impartial mediator is the fix, but it doesn't seem like we can expect it to just "work itself out" either. 2019-10-24 04:42:03 @BeamMeUpScttyVT @cspan @RepAOC @AOC It’s hilarious how all the people who “support” free speech don’t realize that Facebook isn’t a public platform, it’s a private data mining monopolistic company. If a website allows u to use a service at no cost, YOU’RE the product they’re selling to other corporations 2019-10-24 04:33:27 @DonPettengill Facebook 2FA is screwed. Supposed to txt me a security code. It never arrives (I get plenty of txts from others, no problem). It is IMPOSSIBLE to fix this because Facebook support doesn't respond. Sending in DL or selfie doesn't rouse them. Worked fine until last week. Now: 0 2019-10-24 04:18:07 @prolibshow Delete. Facebook. They are not your friend. You do not need it for work. They are dangerous and working to subvert Democracy. Delete. Facebook. #DeleteFacebook 2019-10-24 04:14:44 @TrueTha75076205 @dannyhouk @anildash @AOC I think that we are addressing the wrong issue. What really needs to be addressed is whether Facebook is a publisher, or is it a "utility," IE, simply a company that hosts a technology which allows people to connect and communicate with each other. 2019-10-24 04:09:45 @MTatersalad @OmanReagan @AliAbunimah What happens is the lines get blurry. FCC as it stand bows still has tons of issues. Has its own issues with partisanship & special interest. Such a position over Facebook would breed of corruption & censorship. Imagine Clinton appointing the people in charge or Trump? 2019-10-24 04:01:46 @PetahMurr @BattyMatilda @maskelljs @cspan @RepAOC @AOC What is the bigger problem? Do you want a fact checker for each fact checker or are you saying Facebook choose the wrong independently certified agency? Has anyone reported this information to the completely independent agency and seen what they have to say about it? 2019-10-24 03:57:42 @Keli_Crane A lot of these Facebook users also repost satire as factual, so... I am constantly having to tell people the Borowitz report is satire. There's issues with disseminating information across all platforms. 2019-10-24 03:55:07 @eeemcguire Facebook shadowbanned me for either doxxing a sexual abuser, criticizing the Turkish government, or both. It’s been a completely unusable platform for me for at least 5 months now. 2019-10-24 03:47:12 @hildyjohns Boston University international relations graduate destroys Harvard computer-science dropout. #alexandriaocasiocortez #MarkZuckerberg #facebook #socialmedia 2019-10-24 03:32:58 @itsjustdebb he has to appear before congress today bc of issues w facebook and the election interference and other issues and they ate him up 2019-10-24 03:24:36 @loveJorgeMico @SMARTCares Facebook's down. While Globe users can navigate your app completely fine. Wtf! 2019-10-24 03:14:49 @katieberryman_ since working at mamzak and becoming Facebook friends with truck drivers this is all my time line looks like I’m not gonna lie 2019-10-24 03:14:24 @ichyyam we can either have facebook or #democracy because we can’t have both cc @MartinSGaynor 2019-10-24 03:14:15 @naoeriki437 I wonder, why does Facebook often experience problems compared to Twitter? #facebookdown 2019-10-24 03:07:24 @xxixrd see? Akala ko data connection ko yung may problema pero i can send a tweet in just a second but facebook won't even load for a minute 2019-10-24 02:59:52 @JosephChez Great work by @AOC- asking @facebook #MarkZuckerberg’s associations with and leniency for RW political targeting/disinformation. #Suckerberg washing his hand off the issue by poorly explaining- that FB works w/ independent fact checkers. LIKE, PeterThiel/ other alt-right groups? 2019-10-24 02:56:37 @esmith015 @SpotifyCares Hello kind people of Spotify. I have a premium account with you and I just realized that I do not have access to the email I used to sign up with. I believe I created my account using Facebook, so I have no option to change it and fix this problem. Please help me?❤️ 2019-10-24 02:55:40 @QDecoder If it's a platform, as Francis says here, then Facebook isn't spreading lies. It's users are. Once again a leftist completely misunderstands the nature of a "problem", yet is absolutely confident they have a solution, and we're stupid for not agreeing with them. 2019-10-24 02:47:02 @Emma54979253 @ReesBeautyBiz @corywcomer @facebook @nytimes @latimes @chicagotribune I am the same,NO one respone email.and also we don't have the right way to contact facebook customer service to deal with this problem.Even we update our ID. 2019-10-24 02:37:32 @AdamLockett34 The excellent questions from @RepKatiePorter & @AOC today are just another reminder of the ineptitude of Mark Zuckerberg. He was unwilling, but mostly unable to answer direct questions about content moderation & the hardships facing those working directly/indirectly for Facebook. 2019-10-24 02:26:19 @chinitomarioh28 It's been happening every time I'd try. I got important business in my facebook and messenger. Is there anyone know how to fix this issue? Help! Pleeeeeease! ??? #Facebook #markzuckerberg @MarkZuckerberg #facebookhelp @facebook 2019-10-24 02:19:40 @AllyseHaley Currently working through a business Facebook/ Instagram issue with a person from Facebook ad support. He’s being extremely nice and encouraging to me. Honestly it’s stroking my millennial ego in the right way. 2019-10-24 02:15:16 @Patchingzza Facebook and Messenger not working again. ?? 2019-10-24 01:56:34 @sanchohack The average human being: blames Mark Zuckerberg for all of the world's problems, by posting a Facebook status update. 2019-10-24 01:50:47 @jim_username @HuntsGabriel @NjTank99 Frank can't be bothered to re log in to facebook 2019-10-24 01:48:00 @JrQuepu Yes. Lying is bad. People will continue to lie. People only respond to consequences. Facebook doesn’t want to impose consequences that would reduce their revenue. Does anyone else see a potential problem here? 2019-10-24 01:47:35 @absenttradition @nikhileshde @coindesk @FSCDems @FinancialCmte @facebook At least the congresspeople were knowledgeable and spoke intelligently about the issues................................................................................................................................................................................................. 2019-10-24 01:46:58 @mishicsizma @RealSaavedra Let’s clarify something. Facebook is a free, voluntary service you are free to leave, delete, or ignore at will. No one forces you to sign up or log on. No one ever made it mandatory to join facebook to receive the basic necessities to live. He is not responsible for you. 2019-10-24 01:40:12 @Libby_America If you haven't deleted your Facebook account yet, you are supporting outright lies and the right-wing propaganda machine. #DeleteFacebook #DeleteFacebookNow #FacebookHearing 2019-10-24 01:38:25 @HomefrontHugs @PrepCrew15 Thanks - Twitter seems to be having issues as it works from Facebook and Linked In - can you enter Homefront Hugs dot org and see if it works that way? I am on the line with host server. 2019-10-24 01:34:56 @lauren98m @yoonbutane @GiacomelliKatie @Riley_blackbird @jaboukie I have issues with it, but it’s not Facebook’s job to fix it. If someone has an issue with a lying ad, they can sue just like anyone else and the courts will fix it. Not a business owner. 2019-10-24 01:32:01 @Marlena1994W My phone broken ? so call me only on Facebook pls I'm not ignoring y'all ? 2019-10-24 01:27:03 @Purrrf3ction Thank you @AOC for addressing the facebook problems in a way to combat these existing problems that are currently not regulated Thank you @sourfruitjunkie for the retweet 2019-10-24 01:19:46 @tsswy @JanelleBrown117 Sent you a pm on Facebook. My husband has some of the same issues at Evie. What a beauty she is! 2019-10-24 01:10:42 @thecrumpetshop_ We are taking down our website soon to recreate it. It’s been hacked to redirect you to a pharmacy site. Please visit Facebook, Instagram, Yelp!, Trip Advisor and Zomato while we do this. 2019-10-24 00:56:39 @Leija214 FACEBOOK HAS AN OUTAGE THATS WHY U CANT LOGIN TO FACEBOOK.SINCE TODAY. 2019-10-24 00:55:32 @kreativekow @vanya42st Facebook continuously denies they are a NEWS service, that is the issue here, they want all the power but no responsibility. They claim they are NOT a media company. Thus not being subject to the regulations. 2019-10-24 00:53:36 @elkolemiso @AshsongHope @flybry55 @ProudResister @facebook @AOC But they are not working for facebook. They are a separate entity 2019-10-24 00:40:20 @gerardcue Facebook page manager is not working right now man 2019-10-24 00:39:11 @parkersewell1 [email protected] did not mess around asking Zuckerberg about the appalling working conditions Facebook content moderators - who are not considered employees - suffer through 2019-10-24 00:34:21 @tryvanillajs Facebook: We're not a news or media company. Also Facebook: Please watch our news and media. Also Facebook: We also bought several news and media sharing companies. AOC doing it right. 2019-10-24 00:09:08 @PoliticalCount2 @democracynow C- reporting at the moment. Yes, challenging Facebook must happen, but still quite weak tea compared to fundamental issues within the Democratic Party such as McCarthyism from the Neoliberal wing against not just Tulsi but AOC and Bernie as well. Warren is okay, Bernie is better. 2019-10-24 00:06:03 @BenMcLeish Why is anyone still using Facebook? 2019-10-24 00:05:05 @GJSantaAnaTweet @jamesmitchem7 @JoyceBeatty What significance is it the percentage of African-Americans that are on Facebook and why would that be a civil rights issue since African-Americans or anyone else for that matter are not barred from using Facebook; its use is completely voluntary. Zuck floored by the stupidity. 2019-10-23 23:59:28 @thepiesrule @MadFckingWitch hi, has Facebook taken the site down again? 2019-10-23 23:56:35 @iamreallyyybadd @Spotify @SpotifyCares I’m having issues with the email coordinating with the offer for the mini. Can I get some assistance? I reached out through Facebook too. Helpppp ? 2019-10-23 23:53:53 @TimmaySays @MsAwesomeLaurie @nathanhooten @zachrobert15 @weisacre @HenroidT @cspan @AOC @RepAOC I have no issue with that. Facebook isn't a product review site nor is it a vendor. It's a social network and public forum for posts. It's NOT a site for what you're describing. Information on a public forum should flow freely... and that includes false information. 2019-10-23 23:53:08 @y2skot Zuckerberg is dangerous and disingenuous, unable to grasp the severity of issues or give straight answers to fundamental business-implementation questions. As he has full control over Facebook, his company is increasingly dangerous, too. 2019-10-23 23:51:54 @JeffroNjamaica @JuddLegum @AOC Baby boomers don't believe Facebook or any other major media. Advertising is only to influence the uninformed. No one believes the internet but believe their job security and paycheck. 2019-10-23 23:37:58 @stephen_j_moran If you ever doubted that #Facebook was anything other than a global-scale cesspool: They accept payment to publish deliberate lies by anyone who can pay to reach the people they target. Facebook IS a publisher when it shows PAID content. Hold them legally responsible. #Libra 2019-10-23 23:37:06 @Jack_Penkethman @SRuhle This is the problem of all future communications. Is the #internet a common carrier, like telephone, with no restrictions? Is #Facebook a common carrier or must we now have some editorial controls? And what form of controls? Are some lies okay and others not? Who decides and how? 2019-10-23 23:35:13 @stephen_j_moran If you ever doubted that #Facebook was anything other than a global-scale cesspool: They accept payment to publish deliberate lies by anyone who can pay to reach the people they target. Facebook IS a publisher when it shows paid content. Hold them legally responsible. #antitrust 2019-10-23 23:29:59 @coloursmarie @QuerciaMichael @tictoc @AOC So policitians can lie on tv, they can lie on Twitter, they can lie during presidential debates, but Facebook should be held responsible for fact checking? Facebook is the scapegoat for a larger issue on accountability. Fine the liar, not the platform. 2019-10-23 23:27:57 @Airchecker #Facebook arguing in court that "Users in terms & service relieve Facebook from any liabiliy," See what FB owner says when the issue is raised. 2019-10-23 23:16:34 @JKolkin @SRuhle @Terri2cat Umm........ one of my son's friends works FOR Facebook looking at content for Brazil. How is that NOT fact checkers working for Facebook? 2019-10-23 23:06:41 @tsnider @facebook is there any way to report an issue other than help center? I have an issue with a business page that I've been reporting since June and I can't get any response or anyone to help me resolve it. I'm running out of ideas. Please Help me. 2019-10-23 23:00:32 @Jennnelizabeth @SkipTheDishes Is anyone else having issues logging into the app when using they Facebook credentials ? I'm getting stuck in a log in loop.... #skipthedishes #HelpImHungry! 2019-10-23 22:48:44 @orisaninla @MillenPolitics @AOC Fale news is a serious issue for Facebook and society and Mark Z. is treating it as a facebook private problem. 2019-10-23 22:47:50 @thejaphet Why does anybody still have a Facebook account? 2019-10-23 22:47:07 @HCASpetsinneed ?️UPDATE! The issue has been resolved. Thank you, @facebook! ? 2019-10-23 22:44:06 @mitrebox Department of financial crimes, counterterrorism, cyber security and Facebook comments is having a few issues right now. 2019-10-23 22:42:30 @Remnant0591 @SpotifyCares is there no way to disconnect my account from Facebook. My account has the wrong email listed even though it’s correct on my Facebook. I am extremely fustrated that I cannot just use an email to log in and disconnect from FB. PLEASE HELP. 2019-10-23 22:37:05 @liongoACD Facebook CEO on racial issues ... 2019-10-23 22:36:01 @Carrasquillo Facebook says they care about your data, but in court argue terms of service users agree to release them from any liability, basically no harm no foul, as Katie Porter says here. Really tough questioning ?? 2019-10-23 22:33:29 @brokencodebot Cordova iPhone -- Sign in by twitter and facebook is broken 2019-10-23 22:32:46 @petterhvaskjer1 @PUBGMOBILE Only me or having issues to login to pubg account facebook/twitter.. i’ve deleted pubg and re-downloaded but still cant open pubg 2019-10-23 22:32:16 @catalaeabodhi “i was aware of cambridge analytica as an entity, i don’t know if i was tracking how they were using facebook specifically” the lies 2019-10-23 22:31:22 @jzman299 @SpecialReport @MarkZuckerman So the problems have been with Facebook Users, huh? Let's not forget the people who drink water, breathe air, or drive a car, because I'll bet they also match the Criminals? 2019-10-23 22:30:29 @JamesWilson1413 This could be asking for trouble - but Facebook friends, could you please send me an e-mail to [email protected] to help me isolate a possible issue with my system? TIA 2019-10-23 22:30:05 @suzuhiggins @Barryt0716Barry Great gotcha journalism there, Barry. Unfortunately, there are some people who get their news, opinions, and politics solely from Facebook. It may be hypocritical, but they're addressing the larger FB-related problems and national security threats. 2019-10-23 22:27:21 @albertgranados Facebook is an unethical corporate monster that needs to stop the way they are working right now. People should know that this is one of the most important problems to solve for our future. We strongly need regulations. 2019-10-23 22:23:29 @garrethmcdaid @jfjohnston How is it different from running ads in local newspapers, on local TV stations or putting up posters in a specific area? Who fact checks all of these things? Facebook isn't the issue. The issue is the electoral system. 2019-10-23 22:22:29 @HKHIPSTER Is it just me or #facebook #app is not working anymore @facebook @cnn 2019-10-23 22:21:58 Page last updated by downdetector.com How do you rate Facebook over the past 3 months? ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★ Having problems? Complain here: On the website Via Twitter Check the official status page Incorrect? × What information is incorrect? Submit Check the status of Facebook in other countries Tweets by @Facebook Main Site Problems Companies About us Pro Services Try our apps Google Play App Store Social Media Twitter Facebook Legal Privacy statement Accessibility statement Terms of use Contact Ookla [email protected] © Ookla, LLC. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. .

Facebook outage map Downdetector / https://downdetector.com › status › facebook › map Facebook outage map Downdetector / https://downdetector.com › status › facebook › map
Facebook is a social network where member share messages and status updates with online friends. The network also offers a platform for third party ...

#facebookdown hashtag on Twitter / https://twitter.com › hashtag › facebookdown #facebookdown hashtag on Twitter / https://twitter.com › hashtag › facebookdown
#facebookdown hashtag on Twitterhttps://twitter.com › hashtag › facebookdown

More Details on Today More Details on Today's Outage | Facebook / https://www.facebook.com › notes › facebook-engineering › more-details-...
Early today Facebook was down or unreachable for many of you for approximately 2.5 hours. This is the worst outage we've had in over four years, and we.

Facebook.com - Is Facebook Down Right Now? / https://www.isitdownrightnow.com › facebook.com.html Facebook.com - Is Facebook Down Right Now? / https://www.isitdownrightnow.com › facebook.com.html
Check whether Facebook.com server is down right now or having outage problems for everyone or just for ... Please check and report on local outages below .

Facebook Down? Service Status, Map, Problems History - Outage ... / https://outage.report › facebook Facebook Down? Service Status, Map, Problems History - Outage ... / https://outage.report › facebook
Check current status and outage map. Post yours and see other's reports and complaints. ... See if Facebook is down or having service issues today. 1. Report in ...

Facebook down - Thousands complain world Facebook down - Thousands complain world's biggest social media ... / https://www.thesun.co.uk › tech › facebook-down-social-media-offline
Facebook down - Thousands complain world's biggest social media ...https://www.thesun.co.uk › tech › facebook-down-social-media-offline

Up - Facebook status at downrightnowdownrightnow.com › facebook Up - Facebook status at downrightnowdownrightnow.com › facebook
Up - Facebook status at downrightnowdownrightnow.com › facebook

Why Facebook keeps going down - The Verge / https://www.theverge.com › interface › 2019/10 › why-facebook-is-down-... Why Facebook keeps going down - The Verge / https://www.theverge.com › interface › 2019/10 › why-facebook-is-down-...
Why Facebook keeps going down - The Vergehttps://www.theverge.com › interface › 2019/10 › why-facebook-is-down-...

Facebook down: Social network stops working alongside Instagram ... / https://www.independent.co.uk › LIFE › Tech › News Facebook down: Social network stops working alongside Instagram ... / https://www.independent.co.uk › LIFE › Tech › News
Facebook down: Social network stops working alongside Instagram ...https://www.independent.co.uk › LIFE › Tech › News

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