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 Hack Learning / https://hacklearning.org Hack Learning / https://hacklearning.org
Hack Learninghttps://hacklearning.org

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About Hack Learning About Hack Learning
About Hack Learning

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Hack Learning Podcast

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Hack Learning Team page

Hacking Education Hacking Education
Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School - Hack Learning About Times 10 Our Featured Title Times 10 Authors & Producers Order Books in Bulk Pitch Us Your Book Idea Contact Us Hack Learning It's What You Can Do Tomorrow Menu Close Home Books Entire Times 10 Library Hack Learning Series The Lead Forward Series uNseries Hacking Education Make Writing Hacking Assessment Hacking the Common Core Hacking Leadership Hacking Literacy Hacking Engagement Hacking Homework Hacking Project Based Learning Hacking Google for Education Hacking Engagement Again Hacking Digital Learning Strategies Hacking Parenthood Hacking Classroom Management Hacking the Writing Workshop Hacking Mathematics Hacking Early Learning Hacking School Culture Quit Point Hacking School Libraries uNforgettable Hacking Instructional Design Chasing Greatness Hacking School Discipline Hacking Questions Blog The Lead Forward Series The Podcast FREE Toolkit About Hack Learning Ambassadors Times 10 Publications Pitch Us Your Book Idea Order Books in Bulk EdCamp Support Our Authors and Producers Contact Us Pitch us your book idea Our Team EdCamp Support Contact Times 10 Home Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School 141172128141  582Shares The Hack Learning Series flagship book, Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School, epitomizes the idea of hack learning–identifying problems facing schools and educators daily and providing simple solutions that others may not see. The key to the success of Hacking Education is the point of view of the Hackers. They are experienced educators, who have learned through years of practice to view problems from different angles. Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez combine decades of classroom teaching experience and hundreds of discussions with thought leaders around the world, in order to hack 10 big education problems with amazing right-now solutions. The Bestselling Hacking Education, a Benjamin Franklin Award Honoree in Education, is now available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook versions via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in stores worldwide. Experts love Hacking Education Got a problem? Need a practical, innovative solution that you can implement tomorrow? Look no further. In Hacking Education, Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez combine decades of teaching experience with hacker ingenuity, mixing a nifty recipe for success in any school. Hacking Education is more than a how-to book for best practices in the classroom. It’s a blueprint for finding more time in your day, creating a culture of readers, solving daily tech woes, building rapport with students, and turning chaos into peace. Barnes and Gonzalez don’t just solve problems; they turn teachers into hackers–a transformation that is right on time.” — Don Wettrick, author of Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level   “Jennifer and Mark are two educators that know how to transform some of the most frustrating teacher problems into easy-to-implement solutions. Each hack in this book is presented in a clear and logical manner. I found myself agreeing over and over again with the sensibility of their ideas. Yet, as we all know, good ideas in education sometime get stopped in their tracks. Thankfully Jennifer and Mark have provided simple steps that anyone can take to overcome resistance and pushback against the doubters. Hacking Education proves that anyone–from a first year-teacher to a 30-year veteran–can be a more effective teacher and be a positive agent of change in their school’s culture.” — Brian Sztabnik, host Talks with Teachers podcast, contributing author at Edutopia   “Insightful… Schools and teachers that want to go from good to great must read Hacking Education. You’ll be delighted by how simple it is to apply these hacks into your workflow. Barnes and Gonzalez provide a refreshingly modern take on a system that has become old and sclerotic—our schools. Their writing is succinct, it resonates and smacks you with the deliverables.” — Daniel McCabe, Assistant Principal Accompsett Middle School Smithtown, NY Our Hackers look at a school’s assets–teachers, administrators, students, parents, and available tools–and find ways to use these assets that other education shareholders may not see. Grab Hacking Education now The Bestselling Hacking Education is now available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook versions via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in stores worldwide.   Tweet Recent Posts Understanding your quiet kids What’s the Lead Forward Mission? It’s time to kick the IDK bucket Are Teachers Doing Enough for Gen Alpha? Throw Out Your Office Referral; Circle Up Instead Teaching, Running, and Chasing Greatness It’s time to allow the F word in your classroom How to Create Mental Velcro in Your Classroom Atomic Habits: How to Easily Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones How Finding Balance Can Make You an uNforgettable Teacher PITCH US YOUR BOOK IDEA FOLLOW US ON TWITTERTweets by hackmylearning Search Show off your inner EduHacker © Copyright 2019 Hack Learning • Designed by MotoPress • Proudly Powered by WordPress

Hacking Engagement Hacking Engagement
Hacking Engagement

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Hack LearningTwitter › hackmylearning

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