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 Irpinia - Wikipedia Irpinia - Wikipedia
Irpinia (Latin Hirpinia) is a district of the Apennine Mountains around Avellino, a
town in Campania, South Italy, about 50 km east of Naples. It was the territory of ...

Irpinia Wine Regions - Wine-Searcher Irpinia Wine Regions - Wine-Searcher
Jan 28, 2014 ... It is no wonder the Avellino–Rocchetta Sant’Antonio Railroad, which ran through Irpinia, was once called Ferrovia del Vino (the wine train) – Irpinia has played a significant role in the viticultural heritage of southern Italy's Campania region.
Scattered with vineyards, Irpinia ...

Irpinia is the new Tuscany — Feast on History Irpinia is the new Tuscany — Feast on History
Aug 14, 2016 ... Irpinia is the area in the mountainous region east of Naples in the region of Campania.
... It’s centrally located for our adventures in Campania's wine country and costs half of what comparably rated hotels will charge for a wine tour in Tuscany.
... Guests on the October 2015 wine tour ...

The Best of Italy in Irpinia | The Italian Tribune The Best of Italy in Irpinia | The Italian Tribune
Aug 12, 2015 ... A territory in the province of Avellino in the Campania region, Irpinia is
blossoming into one of the most popular destinations in Italy, thanks to its ...

Avellino - Campania - Discover Italy Avellino - Campania - Discover Italy
A trip to Avellino Province is a journey into nature and into the history of Irpinia.
This charming zone welcomes the visitor with its gorgeous landscape and ...

Irpinia DOC Italian Wine Central Irpinia DOC Italian Wine Central
Feb 11, 2019 ... Region: Campania History: Elevated from IGT to DOC in 2005. Vineyard Area:
273 ha / 673 acres (2015) Production: 17,090 hl / 190,000 cases ...

Irpinia and its wines | ITALY Magazine Irpinia and its wines | ITALY Magazine
May 29, 2013 ... Vigneti in Irpinia Few regions transmit cultural patrimony and emotions in its food
and drink more than Irpinia. Only recently the British ...

Irpinia: The Heart of Campania - Daniel Bjugstad - Articles ... Irpinia: The Heart of Campania - Daniel Bjugstad - Articles ...
Jan 20, 2017 ... The region of Irpinia has no political lines to define, but culturally and
geologically, it is distinct within Campania. Set off from the Mediterranean ...

Irpinia Kitchens: Kitchens and Fine Custom Cabinets Irpinia Kitchens: Kitchens and Fine Custom Cabinets
For over half a century, Irpinia Kitchens has been a recognized source of
luxurious custom cabinets and beautiful, innovative designs across North


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