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Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. By searching with Ecosia, you're not only reforesting our planet,  ...

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Plant trees while you search ... Plant trees while you search ...
What is Ecosia? - The search engine that plants trees Make default search News How Ecosia works About us Mobile app Privacy Shop Blog FAQ Settings Add Ecosia to This is the number of searches you have performed with Ecosia. On average you need around 45 searches to plant a tree! Learn more Make default search News How Ecosia works About us Mobile app Privacy Shop Blog FAQ Settings Make default search News How Ecosia works About us Mobile app Privacy Shop Blog FAQ Settings × Make default search News How Ecosia works About us Mobile app Privacy Shop Blog FAQ Settings Plant trees while you search the web We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every search. Add Ecosia to How it works how_it_works_1 You search the web with Ecosia. how_it_works_2Ads Search ads generate income for Ecosia. how_it_works_3 Ecosia uses this income to plant trees. Over 60 million trees planted now 60,545,276 trees total 1.1 sec to plant a tree over 7 million active users now 60,545,276 trees total over 9,101,152 EUR invested 0.2 euro per tree We’re planting all around the world Trees mean a happy environment, healthy people, and a strong economy. Providing alternatives to palm oil Indonesia In Indonesia, your searches are reforesting Mount Saran in Borneo, one of the last remaining habitats of the Orangutan. The Gunung Saran Lester Foundation, which was founded by a collective of local villages, is replicating the success of a project by famous conservationist Willie Smits. This way you are helping improve farmers' livelihoods by planting 10 productive tree species, including the forest-dependent sugar palm, in order to create economic alternatives to palm oil. Show more Show less Website Video Restoring Ethiopia’s water cycle Ethiopia In 2016 Ethiopia suffered one of the most severe droughts in over 30 years. Without water, neither people nor plants nor animals are able to survive. Your searches are supporting our partner, Green Ethiopia. With your help they are reforesting mountain slopes, including fruit trees which will benefit the population in their search for secure food sources. Show more Show less Website Supporting Europe’s biodiversity Spain Your searches are reforesting degraded landscapes in Spain, one of Europe's most biodiverse countries. Although this is one of our smallest projects, it is noteworthy for being Ecosia's first project in a developed country. Through their community approach, Alvelal exemplifies how local farmers, entrepreneurs, and global citizens like you can take the lead in reforesting degraded soils and forests. Show more Show less Website Creating corridors for chimpanzees Uganda Your searches are saving Uganda's chimpanzees. Our local partner, the Jane Goodall Institute, is planting so-called 'forest corridors' connecting small forests throughout Uganda's south. This way, chimps can safely move from one forest to the next, diversify their diet, and start a family. It gets better: the trees are mostly planted along rivers, thus improving the entire region's water supply. Show more Show less Website Video Empowering women for the planet Kenya Thanks to you, we’re part of Kenya’s green belt movement, founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai. The movement empowers Kenya's rural communities, particularily women, to conserve biodiversity, restore ecosystems, and mitigate local manifestations of climate change. The Green Belt movement has been campaigning against land grabbing, deforestation and corruption since 1977. Show more Show less Website Restoring watersheds Brazil When Ecosia was composed of only a founder, an all-round communications juggler, and a part-time developer, we started planting trees in Brazil. Our tree-planting partner on the ground, The Nature Conservancy, works closely with local farmers. The trees you helped us plant here are contributing to the reforestation of degraded riparian areas in watersheds that supply water to the city of Sao Paulo and surrounding communities. Show more Show less Website Development through reforestation Morocco The tree-planting project your searches are supporting in Morocco is as unique and multifaceted as the country itself. Unlike the other reforestation organizations we support, The High Atlas Foundation does not aim at reforestation itself. Instead, it combines social, educational, and agricultural goals. Planting fruit just happens to be the best way to attain them. Show more Show less Website Video Restoring coastal forests and natural corridors Madagascar Your searches provide urgent help to Madagascar: 90% of its forests have been lost, destroying the home of unique animal species such as the island’s famous lemurs. One part of this project consists in planting deciduous trees, restoring corridors to re-build these habitats. A second part plants Mangrove trees, which are efficient CO2 absorbers. The project is led by our partners the Eden Reforestation Projects who hire villagers to plant the trees. Show more Show less Website Video Reforesting volcano slopes Nicaragua In the Pacific Lowlands of Nicaragua, you are supporting reforestation efforts in the largest volcanic lined mountain range. The trees you are contributing to are restoring the heavily deforested area around León. With funds from Ecosia, our partner Fundación Día is using a landscape approach to stop soil erosion, restore water sources, and empower farmers with a more sustainable subsistence model. Show more Show less Website From cocaine to cocoa Peru In Peru, your searches are helping us reforest the San Martin region which was heavily deforested in the 1980s when it became a red zone of cocaine production. A mixture of luck and policies changed the cocaine routes away from here, giving this region a very much needed break. Our partners on the ground, PUR Projet, train smallholder farmers in forest management and sustainable harvesting, making your searches have an even wider impact. Show more Show less Website Video Protecting the home of the Orangutan Indonesia Your searches here are having an especially important effect. The Leuser ecosystem on Sumatra is one of the largest, intact primary forests left in Southeast Asia, and home to the Orangutan. The trees we are planting restore illegally cut parts of this landscape, help protect local wildlife, as well as an unparalleled biodiversity of plants and insects. Show more Show less Website Restoring the Atlantic Rainforest Brazil The destruction of the Brazilian rainforest symbolizes the tragedy of deforestation. Your searches support a group of cooperatives that came together to create PACTO - a pact, literally - in order to accelerate the restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest. Show more Show less Website Coffee for peace Colombia Your Ecosia searches are supporting coffee farmers in Cauca, Colombia. After enduring armed conflict for more than five decades, this region is now going through a major transition, since a peace agreement was made between the government and guerrillas. By planting trees and moving away from illegal coca plantations, your searches have the potential of providing the population a stable and secure future. Show more Show less Website Food security through tree planting Haiti Your searches are also having an impact in Haiti. Our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects have brought together a coalition of governmental and non-governmental organizations to restore the damage done to Haiti after two hurricanes and a devastating earthquake. Here, we are distributing tree saplings to local farmers and elementary schools to fight food insecurity, we are reforesting watersheds, and planting trees along reconstructed roads. Show more Show less Website Trees for healthier forests and people Indonesia With the help of Fair Ventures in Indonesia, your searches are restoring degraded areas in the central part of the Kalimantan island. The trees planted are part of an agroforest, where crops are growing between the trees. This means that by planting them, the local population can both restore their landscapes and grow better and more abundant crops. Show more Show less Website Re-greening the Sahel Burkina Faso In Burkina Faso, your searches fight the expansion of the Sahara desert, which is advancing into populated areas at an alarming pace. Your searches support our partner OZG in digging water basins into the dry soil, which villagers then fill with seeds that germinate during the rainy season. Trees restart water cycles and bring back plant and animal life, which in turn leads to to better health conditions for locals, more children in school, and women earning their own living. Show more Show less Website Video Planting in the Usambara mountains Tanzania By using Ecosia you are helping our Tanzanian partner, The Friends of Usambara Society, protect vulnerable ecosystems through agroforestry, ecotourism, and rainforest restoration. Our partner works with primary schools and local communities to manage tree nurseries and to determine planting sites, making this a truly grassroots project – one that has already led to entire landscapes being reforested. Show more Show less Website Video Restoring mountain slopes Peru When your searches restore a mountain slope, they also restore the livelihood of local farming communities, whether they live on the mountain or in the valley below. That is why we teamed up with Progresso, an NGO that works with municipalities around the mountainous region of Piura in northern Peru. Show more Show less Website Video Trees for climate-resilient farming Senegal With the help of our partner, Trees for the Future, your trees in Senegal are planted in and around agricultural fields. In this dry, heavily deforested part of Senegal, our project has already led to measurable increases in water quality and soil fertility. Show more Show less Website Video Restoring key watersheds Ghana In Ghana, your searches are planting trees in collaboration with TreeAid. The project focusses on restoring a river that used to flow year-round but currently runs dry after the end of the rainy season. The farming communities that live along the river further benefit from selling tree products, like fruits and nuts, on the market. Show more Show less Website We know trust has to be earned That is why we publish our monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts. This way you can hold us accountable as we follow our journey to a reforested world. View reports We respect your privacy We don’t sell your data to advertisers and have no third party trackers, unlike most other search engines. Learn more People over profits We’re are a community of people who want to create a greener and better world for everyone. Learn more about us Follow our journey to one billion trees Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates, and connect with us on social media. facebook_lightgrey SITEMAP News How Ecosia works About us Mobile app Privacy Settings Resources FAQ Advertise on Ecosia Financial reports Blog Shop Press Jobs Imprint Ecosia GmbH Schinkestraße 9 12047 Berlin, Germany Chairman Christian Kroll VAT ID: DE273999090 Commercial Register: HRB 170873, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Apps facebook_lightgrey Ecosia GmbH does not assume responsibility for the content of sites to which it links and the way in which search results are displayed. To learn more please read our privacy policy and our terms of service. Top How it works Our projects Transparency About Us Get updates

What is Ecosia? What is Ecosia?
What is Ecosia?

About us About us
About us

What is Ecosia? - The search ... What is Ecosia? - The search ...
What is Ecosia? - The search ...

The Ecosia Blog The Ecosia Blog
The Ecosia Blog

An Unbiased Review of Ecosia - Path Around The World  / https://www.patharoundtheworld.com > ecosia-review An Unbiased Review of Ecosia - Path Around The World / https://www.patharoundtheworld.com > ecosia-review
An Unbiased Review of Ecosia - Path Around The World Skip to content Search for: Reduce Your ImpactReduce Your ImpactReduce Your Impact View Larger Image An Unbiased Review of EcosiaIs Ecosia legit or a scam?Does Ecosia really plant all those trees?Ecosia vs GoogleEcosia PrivacyHow to Uninstall EcosiaConclusion on Ecosia as a Search EngineWhat is the Ecosia browser?A few weeks ago a Dutch friend of mine introduced me to Ecosia, the Berlin-based social enterprise eco search engine that uses their profits to plant trees (that’s a mouthful).The idea immediately clicked with me for a few reasons I’ll discuss below.Ecosia has a model that’s ripe to explode with a millennial generation that truly does care about how sustainable their products are. Unfortunately projects that set out to do great for the world often receive criticism, and the Ecosia search engine won’t be immune.There were two major things that I wanted to learn about Ecosia:Is Ecosia legit? Or is it a scam?Does it work as well as Google?Let’s make legitimacy the first thing we look at in this Ecosia critique because that’s the most important part.Is Ecosia legit or a scam?There are a few things that come to mind that they could be doing to try to mislead users if they wanted to, such as:Not planting the trees they claim toCollecting user data to resell or other privacy issuesOffering misleading search results for their gainMonitoring your data illegally with their browser extensionI think the big concern here is that they might not be planting the trees they claim to be. In 2019 Ecosia claims to have surpassed 65 million trees planted.While this is well shy of the ~1.5 trillion trees that experts say are needed to offset the carbon we’ve added to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, it’s still nothing to laugh at. Ecosia after all is still a pretty small company with roughly 8 million users (although this is growing really fast).Do Your PartReduce your carbon footprint by 37% by making easy choicesLearn How As far as the misleading search results or collecting data go, this isn’t really something we can test. But given the track record of the team at Ecosia I’m pretty confident they aren’t out to scam people.Ecosia does however get criticism from a few sites online, including an article from 2Spyware claiming that Ecosia is a browser-hijacker, and borderline virus.While you can’t really dispute the claims made by 2Spyware, just keep in mind that literally everything they criticize about Ecosia is also true for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine you use.They claim that Ecosia may hijack your search results and place ads in them… ummm yeah that’s exactly the point, we’re trying to pay for trees here! But they do it in no way different than when Google places ads in your search results, Google just dishes out the profits to their investors instead of planting trees.They even go as far as to say “getting rid of the Ecosia virus”, which is just absurd to me. I have a feeling this article was written by someone who hasn’t ever used Ecosia and was directed to write about Ecosia being a virus to get the search traffic.While I do think those accusations against Ecosia aren’t based on rationality, I also have to acknowledge that they could be true, just like Google could be a virus.My advice is to check out the Ecosia team and see if these are folks you’re willing to trust with your online data. Personally, I’m not concerned about an ecosia.org virus.Is Ecosia fake?Quite a few people have written in and asked if Ecosia is downright fake. A lot are even curious if there’s an Ecosia Snopes article to verify their claims. I’m doing my best to fill those shoes and more in this article.Usually it comes back down to the four points I had listed above, but many who write in aren’t even sure if the extension is going to work properly. You’ll see in the coming paragraphs that of anything you can say about Ecosia, their product is definitely real, so I think we can lay that one to rest.Does Ecosia Really Plant All Those Trees?I can point you to two different resources for this. The first one is their financial reports, and the second is their tree projects. The financial reports will have to be taken at face value as Ecosia is not a public company, there is no Ecosia stock, or all the auditing and regulation that comes with it.Ecosia Financial ReportsUpdate August 2019: This article was originally written in March 2018 so I’m updating the financial report as they have grown from investing €421,370 per month to a whopping €815,378 per month in July 2019 (nearly $1,000,000 per month on trees!).Looking through the past 4 years of financial reports looks to be quite consistent. Don’t let the fact that €815,378 is only 52% of their monthly revenue of €1,567,995 fool you into thinking that they aren’t honoring their pledge to use 80% of profits to plant trees, you have to subtract out the expenses before making the calculation.So basically:€1,567,995 – (€475,862 + €78,465)  = €1,013,668 (Revenue – (Operating Costs + Spreading the Word) = Total Profit)Then take €815,378 / €1,013,668 = .8044 or 80.44% (Tree Planting Spend / Total Profit = % of Profit Spent on Tree Planting)So this means in July Ecosia claims to have spent slightly more than their goal on planting trees. They’re also being smart and packing away a significant amount of money for the future — with a reserve of €198,290 — because they’ve got a new initiative to make bigger investments like the solar plant inRemember though, this is a self reported breakdown that as far as I can tell has not been independently audited. How do we actually know if Ecosia is planting these trees or not?Tree Projects Supported by EcosiaFrom what I’ve been able to find Ecosia is currently supporting projects in the following countries around the world:PeruBrazilMadagascarNicaraguaHaitiColombiaSpainMoroccoSenegalBurkina FasoGhanaEthiopiaUgandaKenyaTanzaniaIndonesiaEcosia sent me the countries above in May 2015 as the complete list where their projects are. Hopefully they’ll keep sending updates as they come. You can also check out Ecosia’s tree projects blog to see some really cool content about what they’re doing with the money. The Tanzania post has some really cool footage!I’ve also received quite a few messages from readers that are involved in Ecosia’s reforestation projects. Not that this couldn’t be faked, but they all seem very real.I would love it if someone working with Ecosia would send some pictures from the front lines that I can put in this article. If that’s you, send me a message.How does Ecosia make money?Ecosia makes money in the same way that Google’s search engine makes money, through search engine ads. I say search engine because Google makes money hand-over-fist in a ton of other ways beyond its core search engine product.So this means if you search for local plumbers on Ecosia and click one of the advertised services, 80% of the amount that the plumber pays for that ad will go to planting trees (after deducting expenses as pointed out by Lee in the comments), pretty cool huh??One of the reasons I’m pretty excited for the future of Ecosia is because as of now it’s only a simple search engine and it’s making a pretty decent chunk of profit, imagine if they create a display ad network, video platform (like YouTube), data & cloud services, and everything else Google does. Ecosia could single handedly plant all the trees that the earth needs, and maybe even move on to support other good causes as well.Ecosia vs Google**UPDATE: Ecosia now has some cool shortcuts as pointed out by Felix in the comments. If you type in #g after your search it will take you straight to Google, #fb takes you straight to a Facebook search, #yt for YouTube, etc. You can see the full list of shortcuts on Ecosia’s support page on search tags.**So there are a variety of ways to compare the two services. I’ll break it down into two main parts: utility and user experience. I want to make sure I’m setting realistic expectations here. Google is the 8 gazillion pound gorilla in the room. They’ve spent billions of dollars over more than 20 years making the best search tools imaginable.We simply can’t expect Ecosia.org to outperform Google in just about anything besides doing amazing things for our planet by planting trees (although they do win at one other thing, check it out below).What I’m saying is let’s keep in mind that the main goal is to do good for the planet, and find what level of sacrifice we’re willing to endure to make that happen.Also, keep in mind that Ecosia does have a development team so their search engine should only improve with time. I wouldn’t expect it to ever beat Google unless there’s a sudden mass migration to the eco-friendly search engine, but maybe the sacrifices will diminish.Lastly, Ecosia is built on top of the Microsoft Bing search engine so you’ll find that many of the core limitations of Ecosia are actually limitations of Bing.Alright so let’s start off with the utility of Ecosia.org vs Google.com.Utility of Ecosia vs GoogleThis is all about how much time each search engine is able to save and the quality of information delivered. Do you have to click through to an article to find out what time a show is at or will it be delivered in rich snippet like Google often does? Are relevant results being shown?Let’s take a peek at what Ecosia is capable of. I think literally everyone reading this is familiar with Google so I’ll mostly only provide images of Ecosia unless the comparison makes sense.Unit ConversionsOne of those things that I’ve really come to take for granted with Google is being able to quickly rattle off one unit and ask for another. Ecosia does a decent job at this. They’ve got most of the basic conversions, like inches to centimeters:Distance CalculationAs a frequent traveler I use this feature a lot. Unfortunately Ecosia isn’t able to calculate simple distances in the search engine results page (SERP) yet. This is a pretty big bummer:Ecosia MapsCurrently when you want to use the maps feature on Ecosia.org it will take you straight to Google Maps. In my eyes this is way better than trying to hack together some in-house solution that really doesn’t work well (looking at you Apple).I wouldn’t even dock them any points for this because they send you to the best service available and there isn’t much lag time in the redirect.DefinitionsHere’s another area where Ecosia is trailing behind Google. I love how when I google a single word Google seems to know if I’m searching for a definition. I tried typing in “social enterprise” and “define social enterprise” and neither of them brought up that incredibly useful rich snippet definition that I’ve taken for granted on Google.Then take a look at what happens if you type the same search in on Google. You don’t have to click through to get the full definition. Often times the rich snippet on Google is even better than this one, saving you from having to click through to another page:You also get that awesome frequently asked questions box with Google, I haven’t seen that at all in Ecosia.User Experience of Ecosia vs GoogleAs much as I love what Google is able to do, I have to admit over the last year or two I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with how aggressive they’re getting with their advertising. I’m a digital marketer by day so I saw first hand the effect of Google’s rollout of the Local Service ads last summer.Basically they introduced an entirely extra set of ads when someone searches for local service providers, they just package them in a cute new way:Notice anything funny about that page? Literally everything that shows up on the screen when searching for a local service provider is a paid advertisement. Then, you scroll down and see the map with listings below it which are NOT paid, but still not totally organic results (you have to register with Google to be in this). Only when you scroll down to practically the bottom of the page do you see organic search results.Compare this to Ecosia when searching for a local service provider:I mean there are still a lot of ads. But at least I can see some results that weren’t paid to be placed. This seems like a fundamental freedom of using the internet. I understand that Google’s search engine is a product provided by a company and they’re free to do whatever they want with it, but honestly I think that they’re pushing it too far with this.How can they claim that they’re following their mission statement to..“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”..if in fact the highest bidder is determining the organization of information?Ecosia PrivacyA lot of people seem to be asking about this recently. To me that’s good news. It means more and more people are waking up to the fact that we need to take some action for the environment and do something simple like use an alternative search engine.I’ve read through Ecosia’s privacy policy quite in-depth and have found:nothing that isn’t standard in privacy policiesa lot less scary stuff than Google hasI will say — you aren’t getting the same kind of pro-privacy with Ecosia as you would with something like DuckDuckGo — but for me it’s a happy middle ground. Your tolerance will vary based on how hardcore you are for protecting your online privacy.Wanna Destroy Our Planet?Of course you don’t. Take baby steps.You can reduce your carbon footprint by 37% by making easy choices.Learn How How to Uninstall Ecosia ExtensionAs great as Ecosia’s mission is to solve many of the world’s greatest problems by planting trees funded with search revenue, it’s understandable that for some the convenience of Google’s advanced features will prevail. If this is you, then have no fear because it’s pretty easy to uninstall Ecosia at any time.Assuming you’ve installed the Ecosia extension on Google Chrome follow these instructions:Go to the drop down menu with three dots in the top right of the browserHover over More ToolsClick on ExtensionsFind the Ecosia extension and either click the toggle switch to deactivate it, or Delete to completely uninstall itThat’s it, now you’ve uninstalled the Ecosia.org extension and all your settings will go back to what they were before. Hopefully you’ll reconsider in the future for the sake of the planet :)Conclusion on Ecosia Search EngineAs of now Ecosia falls short of Google in certain areas. The question of whether or not it’s still worth using Ecosia will depend on your level of dedication to protecting the environment. Eventually we as a society will have to begin making lifestyle compromises if we don’t want our grandchildren to end up living in climate controlled glass bubbles.What I’ve decided to do is have Ecosia as the default and if it doesn’t give me the results I’m looking for I just use the awesome shortcuts pointed out by Felix in the comments.I’m really hoping that Ecosia builds out some new features in the coming years so I won’t even have to think about Google though.I worry that if a person isn’t willing to have a little sacrifice in the utility of their search engine for the sake of the environment, are they willing to sacrifice anything?Join 8+ million of us saving the world with Ecosia:Install Ecosia**FYI -- this link has patharoundtheworld in it but it is NOT an affiliate link, I do not earn anything for you installing. Ecosia simply gave me the link so I could know how many trees this article has helped plant.Nick Hastreiter2019-11-01T12:09:35+00:00Share This Story, Choose Your Platform!FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditTumblrPinterestVkEmail About the Author: Nick Hastreiter I write for kicks, hope you get some value from it. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Choosing The Right Products Learn More The Nomad’s Guide to EarthPrivacy PolicyClean up your actUse low-impact products

Is ecosia legitimate? - Onion Search Engine Is ecosia legitimate? - Onion Search Engine
Is ecosia legitimate? - Onion Search Engine

Ecosia.org virus - 2-Spyware.com  / https://www.2-spyware.com > remove-ecosia-org-virus Ecosia.org virus - 2-Spyware.com / https://www.2-spyware.com > remove-ecosia-org-virus
Ecosia.org virus - 2-Spyware.com https://www.2-spyware.com > remove-ecosia-org-virus

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