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 Pango - Wikipedia Pango - Wikipedia
Pango (stylized as Παν語) is a text layout engine library which works with the
HarfBuzz shaping ... Pango has been integrated into most Linux distributions.

Pango: Introduction Pango: Introduction
Dec 18, 2012 ... Pango is a library for laying out and rendering of text, with an emphasis on
internationalization. Pango can be used anywhere that text layout is ...

Download - Pango Download - Pango
Sep 17, 2012 ... Download. Building Pango from source
can at times be a ...

Pango-1.42.4 - Linux From Scratch! Pango-1.42.4 - Linux From Scratch!
2 days ago ... It can be used anywhere that text layout is needed, though most of the work on
Pango so far has been done in the context of the GTK+ widget ...

pango(3): Layout/render international text - Linux man page pango(3): Layout/render international text - Linux man page
my $surface = Cairo::ImageSurface->create ('argb32', 200, 100); my $cr = Cairo::
Context->create ($surface); my $layout = Pango::Cairo::create_layout ($cr); ...

pango-view(1): Pango text viewer - Linux man page pango-view(1): Pango text viewer - Linux man page
pango-view(1) - Linux man page. Name. pango-view - Pango text viewer ... --
backend=cairo/xft/ft2/x: Pango backend to use for rendering (default: cairo) ...

Pango Reference Manual - GNOME Developer Center Pango Reference Manual - GNOME Developer Center
for Pango 1.40.1. Basic Pango Interfaces ... convenience and utility functions;
Version Checking — Tools for checking Pango version at compile- and run-time.

Text Attribute Markup: Pango Reference Manual Text Attribute Markup: Pango Reference Manual
With the base Pango interfaces, you could create a PangoAttrList and apply it to
the text; the problem is that you'd need to apply attributes to some numeric ...

Arch Linux - pango 1:1.43.0-1 (x86_64) Arch Linux - pango 1:1.43.0-1 (x86_64)
Architecture: x86_64. Repository: Extra. Description: A library for layout and
rendering of text. Upstream URL: https://www.pango.org/. License(s):, LGPL.

Fonts - ArchWiki Fonts - ArchWiki
When Pango is in use on your system it will read from fontconfig to sort out where
to .... Linux Biolinum (ttf-linux-libertine) – free substitute for Times New Roman ...


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